Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebration Day!

Today Mason and I celebrated his amazing potty training.  As of tonight he officially hit 5 days straight of NO accidents : ) 
Since it was raining out we decided to hit the Mall!!!! We visited the Disney Store, McDonald's AND Toys-R-Us. 
I failed at getting a picture at the Disney Store but here is lunch.....
Once we were done with lunch we headed to Toys-R-Us to try our luck at finding some Octonauts.  
Along the way we found the train table: )
And on the way out we rode in the fire truck!

Don't fret.....we will never get lost again!!!!  Yup Mason got a compas : )

He also got the Gup X, that shoots slime AND rescues hurt marine life!

As the night came to a close this happend and Mason insisted on me taking this picture....

(Notice the paint brush behind his ear?)

Happy Celebration Day to you Mason Stone!  We are so proud of you ♡

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