Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sneak Peak

Well we offically have reached 23 weeks!  After last week's scare it was nice to hear today that all is still going well. 

Lets back up.... I have been seeing the doctor/ ultrasound tech every other week just to make sure my cervix is behaving.    Last week was an on week.  Well right away I knew that they did not like what they saw so it was no surprise that I ended up spending the afternoon in the specialist's office!  Needless to say it was just a scare that we actually knew COULD happen but praying we would not have to face.  Tom came rushing to meet up with Mason and I.  He tried to help me down from my spike of anxiety (helped by the increase of hormones in my body) and be there for both me and a distraction for Mason. 

Having had a preterm baby does not help ease the mind cause all along the goal has been NOT to repeat that!  So as you feel yourself going in that direction it becomes very overwhelming. ......ok at least for me that was where I was at.

After seeing the specialist the plan included adding some pills....ok A LOT of pills in my eyes ...and to continue  to get as much rest as possible ie sit 99% of the day!

Here is just 1/4th of the regiment!

As I said, today all looked great and I was cleared for another week.....did I mention I will now be seeing the specialist every week and my regular Dr every couple!!!! Yeah if you know me at all this is truely a DREAM come true ; )
Guess this little one does not want to be out stage his big brother!!!!

Well the ONE perk to all of this is all the pictures we get of this little one!  At the specialist's office they have the ability to do 3d ultrasounds so last week I got a dvd of the whole scan and today I got some pretty awesome pictures.....
ENJOY (these are pictures of the pictures)
 Going to go out on a limb here and say he looks a lot like another baby I know!  Oh yeah and he is nice and BIG...yup measuring a whole week bigger to be exact and growing perfectly!!

Oh and what do I look like you ask!?!?
This was me last week at 22 weeks

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