Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, February 7, 2015


As I lay here in bed with River on my chest and Mason next to me all I can be is thankful for the family Tom and I have created.

I am thankful that becoming pregnant was fairly simple.  I am thankful that there were only minor bumps in the road, the majority of the time.  I am thankful that I now have two healthy,  happy boys. 

I am thankful to finally be feeling better.  These past 6 weeks have not been easy.  We all know most of the story but for the sake of remembering here is the rest......
After my one week check-up I started to not feel so good.  Soreness, hot flashes,  chills, night sweets and pain all started to show up and increase.  After about a week of this I started to "grow" a watermelon in my belly region.   I went back to the doctor and got prescribed antibiotics for a uterine infection.   Two days later, in even more pain, my incision opened and nastiness started to come out.......back to the doctor we headed only for me to get rediagnose with two different kinds of infections and get my watermelon drained. 
Tom then became an expert wound packer, changing my dressing twice a day, taking care of three people and our household.  Nana and Papa came to lend a much needed hand.  I spent the next week and a half going to the doctor every day to every other to finally once a week.  This road to recovery has been full of set backs.  I am just glad to finally be feeling more like myself with each passing day. 

I am thankful that through all this Tom has been at my side to help incourage me, support me, hold my hand or just help me shower!  I am also thankful for a very understanding four year old who just wants Mommy to be better to play.  Mason has handled all the curve balls with minor problems.....yes there are moments of breakdown but hey we can get through ANYTHING at this point. 

So now you know why my post have been so nonexistent but I promise to catchup on all the fun happenings around here along with just plain brotherly cuteness!!!!

 Mason loves to rub River's head and give him kisses♡♡
My future photographer!
 A normal River pose!

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