Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Special Morning

Once breakfast was finished this morning I took the boys on a suprise trip.  We walked and walked and walked and made it to the donut shop!!!

Mason picked out the donuts....
And Mommy got a coffee and Mason a tea....What a chocolate bar looks like after Mason is done with it!  When we were done we started back home.  We took a different way and found this park!!!!
 It was the PERFECT size for Mason......I foresee us going to this one A LOT!!!!!
 We had a great time visiting a few more before ending at the far park.  Mason can now climb the ladder and get on the platform by himself.  Next time we are there I will get a picture.....he is getting very independent : )  While we were there, River decided it was time to eat and I got to soak up this cute little bear!
 When we got home Bree and Jackson's ball was stuck in the tree so we helped them get it out and got three more stuck in the process!!! We finally got smart and got my long pole to knock them out!
 Mason has started to ask to hold River.....it is so sweet to watch their bond grow.
Drawing a map tonight....
and finally practicing his bow and arrow...he can now load it all by himself.
Just a few random happenings from our day to day♡

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