Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy Day.....

Of us enjoying the sun!!! We headed out for a mommy workout and park time for Mason......

*Photo credit Mason!
2nd stop far park swings!

River really enjoyed NAPPING the entire time!
 Mason looking for fires...

Then it was time to head home to have lunch and get ready for River's follow up doctors appointment 
This was my only option in getting my hair done today.  Thanks again Aunt Janet and Uncle Rich---this is what I bought!!!!
 Finally passed out in the car!
 Once we got to River's appointment he screamed until we got him fed but no one seemed to mind....thankgoodness we were at the Children's hospital!  The doctor took a look at his belly button and confirmed that at this time there is no need to intervene.   He also believes that once River is able to sit up/stand that will take the pressure off that area so that it will be able to heal.  If for some reason it does not repair itself by age three then we will go back and have it taken care of surgically.
Just incase you wanted to see what it looks like.....it is soft and when you press on it, it goes all the way down like a normal belly button.

What would a day be without a bath???? Well while Mason played in the bath River and I had some fun taking pictures.....
Ok or maybe I enjoyed it more : )

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