Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hair Cut, Golf Balls, and a Box

The last 24 hours has been full of lots of fun.  Papa showed up to lend us a car......yup Tom's gave up after 15 good years.....so car shopping we are.....until we find the right one Papa was kind to lend us his so that we are not stranded at home everyday while Tom is at work.  Even though it was a fast visit it included some Easter treats.....

River LOVES his new rattle...he even started chewing it!  Mason got treats too but I did not get a picture!  
Last night Papa and Mason camped out....did not get a photo though : (  but they did both sleep well!!

Today we went for a haircut....

Big boy sitting all by himself!
 Then of course we hit up the golf course...
Nana's caption:
This is a picture of things to come......the golfer and his caddy.

We then said goodbye to Papa.

When Mason got home there was a package waiting.....cheered him right up from having to say goodbye....

Thanks Uncle Jonathan and soon to be Aunt Dana.  We LOVED all the treats!!!!! 
Stay tuned for tomorrows fun......All things Easter!

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