Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Masters Sunday

The boys started their morning with some cuddles....Then River decided it was time for a nap : )
While he rested I got everything ready for the day.
Then some friends came to watch along with us.  Unfortunately the other couple was home sick. (No group picture)
Then the weather broke so the kiddos could go outside for a bit!
 Where we did a bit of everything : )
 Then the Masters were over with a record tie low overall score and a win for a young 21 year old.  With that in the bag, River decided to take another nap.....
A sleep full of smiles......I think he was dreaming of golf!!!

We had a great weekend full of golf and friends.  
Yesterday we went to an indoor playground and Mason was 100% independent!!! (it was the same place we celebrated Nathan's birthday last year)
Here is the only pictures I got of Mason playing that weren't a blur!
He was all over the entire play structure.   So fun to see him grow and get more adventurous. 

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