Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 Months Old!

Time really needs to STOP! River today you have been with us for 5 months!  A few highlights from this passed month:

*as of yesterday you are officially wearing size THREE diapers

*you roll from back to front and stay on your front and try to get places......you either get up on all fours (like a bear) and push or "crawl".  You will be going places very VERY soon!

*you still LOVE your brother and always want to be looking at him or playing with him.

*you are pretty much sleeping through the night but still are with me because you seem to go to bed after Mason each night making it impossible to put you in your own bed!

*As for a schedule.....well you are taking a nap in the morning and afternoon BUT the times are still varying depending on your mood.

*you are very ticklish and I get some of the best laughs out of you when changing your clothes!

*you are still a nursing champ.....maybe to much but hey I still love all the bonding we get during these times♡♡♡

*you also got to visit a tide pool and help Mommy with a garage sale!

Today we celebrated with a nice LONG walk AND your first swing ride!

You gave me such big smiles and laughs.....you really enjoyed it!
 Most of the walk you looked like this....
You really love the stroller....
you also enjoy the car and almost always fall asleep when going just about anywhere!
Playing with your toys is hard work.....
We LOVE you River and are really enjoying you but really PLEASE slow down!!!

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