Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, May 29, 2015

Tree House

First before we get into today's activities lets talk about right now........

Yup River is sleeping in his crib for the first NIGHT!!!  Here's to hoping that he makes it through the night and does not wake up.....or wake up Mason for that matter!!!!

Now onto the fun day we had.....
I had read about neat tree forts/parks around us and today we decided to go check out the Mercer Slough Nature Park.  It has a tree house that you get to climb up in with the key from the park ranger. 
once unlocked we climbed up the ladder.  It was a bit steep but we made it.....
Mason thought it was "too high" but River was all smiles and enjoyed the view!
 Lets just say it was neat but no where as cool as we both thought it would be!
So off we went exploring! Just one of the many hills I had to climb (with a stroller none the less)
one part of the trail even takes you under the  nearby freeway!
We found an empty nest
Over the marsh areas the trail was wood planks....the other parts were fresh bark....yup I was covered by the end....and got a great workout pushing a stroller over a freshly barked trail!!!!! 
 The trails would wind in and out around the water.
Over a bridge we went!
 And finally made it back to the car after several hours thanks to Mason's direction choices!
 Checking out the map of what trails we traveled!
 One last look at the view before we left
We made it home safe and sound and continued playing outside in the sunny warm weather until it was time for a bath and bed.  Hopefully everyone will sleep well into tomorrow and I wake up and can MOVE!!!

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