Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Halfway to One!

Happy Half Birthday River!  This month has been full of lots of firsts.....You started off with eating rice cereal then peas, green beans, squash and finally carrots today!  You LOVE to eat and you are getting really good at it.  Even though we are starting food you still nurse 100%.  You are still amazing at it and really enjoy it.  It is still our special time together.   You still love Mommy but you are  starting to enjoy Daddy more and more each day. 
You took your first real trip to Rattlesnake Lake....and LOVED it!
 You also love all things outside and where the action it.  Grass you think is fun to pull and try to eat...
The water table was ok.....but you were more interested in what your brother was doing.  As per the norm these days!
 You have figured out how to roll anywhere you want to go.  Luckily it is normally towards your brother who LOVES that you are so into him!
 You are even doing what I call lucky crawling.  You are getting up on all fours and sometimes you kick your feet just right to move.  You are also starting to pull yourself around in a kind of army crawl!
 Even though you are now is size THREE diapers and fitting nicely into size 6 to 9 month clothes, we are starting to see your neck again!
 You are also very into this blanket.  It is small but you love to chew on all the different tags!  Its been hot here but you seem to be handling just fine.
You still love to snooze in the carrier when we are out and about but are finally starting to take naps in you crib as well!
Happy SIX months River Nolan!  You are growing up WAY to fast but we are enjoying every minute of every day the best we can.  We love you SO much!♡♡♡

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