Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, June 20, 2015

UW 4.5 Years Later

On Wednesday we took a trip down to good old UW for our annual follow up with the high-risk clinic.  First we got weighed and measured.....Mason is
 14.8 kg (33lbs) 7.76%
40" tall 9.87%
head circumference 52.5cm 90%
Corrected age is 53 months 21 days.  
The measurements were according to his actual age not corrected. The doctors are happy with his growth even if he is bearly on the chart.  He is still on his slope so that is all that matters.  

After meeting with the pediatricians it was time for lunch. We had a picnic down by the water. ...  

We watched the boats go by
and threw some rocks! 
Then it was time to go back in and meet with the psychologist. 
River and I hung out behind the two way glass so not to be a distraction. 
Mason did a great job with all 10 parts of the evaluation!   We will get the offical results in a month or so but again the psychologist was happy with how he did and was not worried about anything.

Even though Mason is going to be five shortly after school starts,  he misses the cut off to go to kindergarten this fall.  Regardless we would have held him back just because he would be SO young!  So this fall Mason will be starting preschool!

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