Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, October 3, 2015

How To Build a Firetruck

Today we headed down to our local Home Depot to try out the kids workshop!  We had never participated before but when we found out it was make your own firetruck we knew we just had to try it out!!!

First thing we got an apron and a firetruck pin to put on it.  Every workshop you attend you get a new pin!  We were also given a kit and instructions.We made our way to the "tables" and begun working!  It was fun to get to sit on buckets as chairs!
First we assembled the front of the truck....
Then added the ladders and wheels.....
Finally the stickers.....
and just like that we were done!!!!
So much fun we had!!!!!!
Since we left the house early we decided we needed a little treat when we were all done : )
Purple monster donut for the win!
River enjoyed his first traditional plain......
Loved it so much this happened.....
He would not let go!!!!
Had to try out the stools.....
Once we made it home the firetruck was played with all day long!  We have already marked our calendar for the first Saturday of November when we get to make a JET!!!!!

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