Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

We had a GREAT day!  Wet but great!!!!!  Mason started off as Captain Hook......
River was Tic Toc Crock
In the morning we headed downtown and did some trick or treating at the local businesses 
Then we played games at the local Eagle's Club.

Once we had had enough we went to the brewery for lunch!

We then got festive and made caramel apples!

So messy but fun!

Then it was time to go trick or treating around the neighborhood.....oh and Mason changed into Peter Pan!!!!

That way he could fight Captain Hook!  Instead of bossing around his deckhands : )

Braving the rain!

Tic Toc Crock only made it to the end of the first block!!!!!!!

Everyone else made it a few more blocks before they were soaked from head to toe and were ready for some hot chocolate 
Even though we were not out too too long we still had a BLAST! We had SO much fun as a family.  Mason's favorite candy is currently the Kit Kat bar.....he felt like the winner with 6!!!!!
We hope you all had as great of a Halloween as we did!!!!

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