Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day #22

Reindeer R2D2
After breakfast it was time to play in the snow!!!
Snowball fight!!!
River thought it was really neat!
We even built a snowman.....had to use all the snow in the yard, but we made one!
Once we came in it was time to open a package from The Nylands....
We got all our favorite homemade cookies AND this candy sleigh.
We then decided it was finally time to put up the Christmas tree.....which I had been working on a suprise the past few nights.....
Today to our suprise only the middle of the tree still worked.....but hey 10 plus years was a GREAT run for this little tree so I just took off the old and put on some new lights! While in the middle of that we got a knock at the door.....
It was Danielle bearing gifts!
Mason could not wait to open his!!!!
He got a brand new scooter!!! Orange in fact! 
He was so excited he could not wait to test it out!  

After the gifts were open it was back to tree detail.....Danielle helped and we got it all put together......Since River is really into destroying I mean exploring the world around him I thought this tree was the safest bet......no special ornaments to break and nothing that he could hurt! We will see how long it lasts!!  Mason was SO SO excited to have a Star Wars themed tree : )

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