Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day #5

Today we got a sand crawler!!!! It is actually the Jawa's ship......now we are really starting to be able to play : )
Prof that River is a BIG help!!!! He has discovered his love for cheerios 
Our Christmas Cards are officially in the mail!!! This little helper was oh so helpful : )
Mason's school had a special school day today where all the classes played together, watched a movie, did a few Christmas crafts and got to eat lunch there.....all as a special gift to the parents so that we could get some shopping done or whatever we needed without our kiddos.....well let's say what awesome thing for me!!!  River was a great shopper and I think we are 99.9% done!!!!!!!

Tonight we did our special craft
We made a Christmas wreath!  Just need to add a bow!  We also opened our ornament, a mouse.  We are currently snuggled up watching Polar Express.....
For the record this is officially my favorite age for Christmas.....all is so special and magical.

Ironically this was exactly one year ago today!!!!

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