Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mason in the Cupboard

One of Mason's favorite things to do is open and close the drawers and cupboard doors in the kitchen.  It all started with us pulling out all the pots, pans and lids to make "music". 
Now it has translated into Mason making a mess out of every possible object that he can pull out of any of the drawers and cupboards that he can reach.  By 8 am the kitchen tends to look like this......... 
Today he took it to a whole new level.  While I was making hamburger patties he decided to not only pull everything out but to then climb in........

I am still not sure how he managed to get himself in there but I had to help him get out.  By the end of this he got out the wok (which is under the colanders in the back) and the rest of the big pots and lids.  I now regret not taking more pictures of the mess that he created today.  I do have a video but I am going to apologize before you watch it because once Mason sees or hears the video camera he throws a tantrum until he gets it so the end of the video is crazy because Mason is the film maker.

Sorry after many failed attempts and 3 hours later.....I am throwing in the towel of uploading the video.
I will share it with you all soon.

His other obsession right now it taking the brooms out from next to the refrigerator and try to "sweep" the floor. Oh how I wish he actually could help clean up his messes!

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