Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weathering the Storm

Well last week was a crazy one.  We got hit with snow, then more snow, then more snow, then some freezing rain, then the wind picked up and then finally we lost power.  We thought we would only be out for a few hours so for the first night we decided to all sleep together and wake up to the heat being on and the power back on.....hahaha wishful thinking!!! Thankfully we had some great friends put us up for a night in a nice warm house after we found out that we were going to be lucky if we had power by Monday!  THANKS Justin, Jo and Nathan for letting us take over your house : )

The first of the snow.....and a tiny Mason snowman

One of the neighbor girls came over to help us out.
It was really cold so our snowman never got a face, scarf, or arms.....I know what you are all thinking...Mom of the year for the AWESOME snowman! hahahahaha

Once we were done outside we truly went stir crazy (that was BEFORE the power went out!)

 Snow after 2 days
Snow after 3 days.....notice that you can not see where the street is...
 Thinking we might dig a tunnel out of the house.
 Checking the weather.....
 Power out....refrigerator moved to the snow.
 The layer of ice on the snow.
 Getting ready for night fall.
 Playing with the candles.
 Snuggling to keep warm.
 Could you imagine what the big trees looked like?
 These ones survived even with all the ice on them.
 Trying to find out how long the power would be out for.
 Well thanks to the 3 days of no power we got to do our spring cleaning early!

As fast as the snow came it left.  On Friday, Mason and I enjoyed the crisp air and the nice sunny sky. 
 Went swinging.
 Walked up to go down the slide.
Look at me!!!

Overall we enjoyed being snowed in, but boy am I glad that it was only 5 days long!  I did not make it to work but at least with Tom's truck he was able to make it to and from work all week.  Mason and I were both bummed because we were suppose to have a play date at the aquarium with some friends, but we had to reschedule until next week, but we cannot wait!!!!!!

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  1. That boy is so dang cute!! I love his snow outfit and the look he's giving the neighbor girl . . . what a little flirt! Looks like quite an adventure, but I'm glad you all weathered the weather!