Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, January 16, 2012

Travel Time

As you all know Mason and I took a trip after Christmas to New Jersey and then to Ohio.  The time went way to fast, but we had an awesome time.  I am going to do another picture tell all blog of our travels. 
 Uncle Jonathan and Granny created a ball pit.
Playing with the car track.
 Mason helping with the fan vent.
Got to swing with Granny and Grandpa.
 Went out to dinner at the fish market.
 Ate a stuffed clam.
 Eating so nicely at the restaurant.
 Playing with the blinds.
 Look at me MOM!
 At the turkey farm. (they had other animals too)
Feeding the sheep.

 Went to the beach.
 Played with the crab shells.
 Uncle Jonathan got stuck in the slide....... 

 Picture time....
 I was suppose to photo shop Tom in to this picture....but not that good at that kind of thing!!! Sorry Tom!
 Even got to swing at the beach...

 Sorry Mason I am not sure what your Granny or Uncle were thinking......Stroller on the beach???

 That is much better!!!
 Or not...MOM you were suppose to catch me!
 Touching the Atlantic Ocean.
 Playing with more shells.
 Posing with Mommy.
 Painting Uncle Jonathan's bathroom.
 Using power tools with Uncle Jonathan.
Snack after all that hard work.
Thanks Uncle Jonathan for all the fun we had at you house.  We can't wait to come back and swim in the pool when it is nice and warm!

Off to Ohio we then went.

 Not even 5 minutes in the house and Mason had already made his mark.
 checking out the snow.
 Making sure the rocks had cleared the middle of the river.
 Helping do a puzzle.
 Visiting Great Grandma.
 Reading her a book.
 Helping Grandpa work.
 Mason loves computers.....he really messed Grandpa's up.......
 Getting pushed around in a box.
 Putting the cones out.
 Back to work we go.
 Safety first.

Thanks for a great trip!!!!!.....Even if we got hit with the flu bug less then 2 hours after we got home!

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