Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Great Start to the New Year

Today Tom and I headed down to see baby brother while Mason played with Granny and Pa.  The report from the nurse went as follows:

Still increasing his feeds but now by 3 cc every other feed instead of just 2 cc.--goal is 1.5oz every 3 hours

He completely nippled all his feeding.

He is holding his temperature and not needing heat in the incubator! 

His bully ruben level was at 8 so still no need for photo-therapy!  They will test one more time tomorrow and if still good then most likely he won't need the lights at all : ) 

He is at a total fluid level of 140 out of a max of 160 and if he keeps taking the feedings so well they will be able to remove the iv tomorrow or the next day!!!  At this point they are willing to discontinue the antibiotics if he reaches the fluid level.

So while we were there we were very BUSY!!!

  Tom got to do the FIRST diaper change......and it was nice and dirty for him!!!

Then it was time to do a weight check.......
 And after the weight chec we BREASTFED for 10 minutes.  Baby bother did AMAZING!  He ate and ate and ate.....after 10 minutes the nurse weighed him again and he was 8 grams heaver!  That means he nurse 8 cc!!!!!! All that is 10 minutes.....puts him at rock star level! The Nurse could not believe that he latched at first try and just drank like he had done it many times before.  We did not want to tire him out to much so then we continued the feeding with a bottle.
 In true fashion he finished the entire thing making him eat more then he had to during this feeding.  Best part is that is a great thing to report to the doctors in the morning because it proves how strong and able he is with feedings.  Once he had a full belly he and I snuggled until it was time for us to go........

That's when the real fun happened....

Yup baby brother got a NEW BED!!!
All wrapped up!
And all moved out!

 Here is the best sneak peek of what his room looked like before the bed change!
When we got home this is what we found........
Yup they were ready for the big game!

Cheering at the 85 yard run and touchdown....and then they danced the victory dance!!!! All we can say is


As for me my first full day at home went well.  Tom set his alarm for every 3 hours to wake me up to pump and also take any medicine that I needed.  I am in full swing of making lots and lots of milk.  I hope and pray that it continues.  My Dad made a great traditional New Years Day meal and my Mom made a great treat of apple be a's!!!

So far 2015 is looking to be an AWESOME year!  

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