Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Special Visit

On Monday, Mason was FINALLY not coughing and we were all able to head down to the hospital. 
 First time meeting baby brother since birth!
 Mason LOVED taking pictures....

 Giving him a pat...

 First time for Granny to hold baby brother!
He felt right at home in her arms.  He cooed and even was giving her smiles...(yup he was having a very happy dream in her arms!)  We are so very thankful that Granny and Pa have been able to be here for the birth and also holding down the homestead while Tom and I have been running back and forth from the hospital!  We All Love You Granny and Pa!!!!!!!!

Introducing River Nolan Flynn:
****River did come home today and we are doing well!  We are starting to settle into a routine......but for now I am going to go lay my head on the pillow.....I will be back tomorrow with all the details and more pictures of today's JAIL BREAK!

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