Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The List

Today when we went to the hospital we figured it would be just another day of feeding and holding but we were wrong.....
We started off the visit with the nurse checking of "to do's" to go home.....

Yup we are getting close to baby brother coming home!!!!!!!!!!!  So close that we need to bring in the car seat so they have it for the car seat test. (when he is ready) We got to talk about hospital baby pictures, appointments that we will have when we go home and other housekeeping things.

Baby brother and I did get to practice breastfeeding and in 12 min he did about 7 cc so we are still doing well. Tomorrow he will be A WEEK OLD and hopefully when we go in he will have NO IVS!!!!!  Today he only had it for his antibiotics cause he is feeding all the fluids he needs.....no need to add fluids through on iv!

Tonight we all went to zoo lights!  It was so awesome to get to do ONE of the activities that I had planned before going into the hospital!   Dont worry I rented a wheelchair so that I was not walking that much!  Granny and Pa enjoyed their first trip to zoo lights!

I  have more pictures but they will have to wait until another day when I up load them from the camera!
We finished the night off with a trip to Dicks for hamburgers and milkshakes! 

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