Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hearing with different ears..............

"They" have told me that fatherhood would change me. That I would never be the same. That things would take on whole new meanings and that I would see things in a whole new light. "They" said that having a child would alter my reality forever.

I can tell you "they" are right.................

Yesterday I was at work. A room full of people and I broke down..........completely. It started with a little blubbering and that all too familiar "holy cow......I am going to cry" feeling and culminated with a "you'll have to excuse me for a few moments."

I cry, it is something I have no problem doing, but to cry in front of complete strangers is something I rarely do.

The media used to affect me this way has made me cry before, but not like this.........not like this.

We have a radio in the back where I am working at the moment and this came on.........


I had heard this song a million times before and, to be honest, hated it and was never a big fan of the band. This day, though, this song took on a whole new meaning in my life and I heard it in a way I had never been emotionally available before.

Anyway, I don't expect everyone to understand, its just that music plays a big part in my life and I love how different ears can hear different things in it. My ears were tuned to a different frequency, this day, than they had ever been, maybe yours will be too.

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