Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sorry for the delay

It has been a busy last week for us. We have both been working and trading off "baby watch" so finding a bunch of free internet time has not been a priority. On top of that, he has been doing great and so there is not a whole lot to report of real substance.

We can report that he had a round of shots today called Synigest (sp?) which protects against a variety of virul infections including the Rhoda virus. There may be a host of mispellings in there but I am not about to take the time to webster.com anything today ha ha.

So we went to the doctor and little man took it like a champ. He got 2 shots, one in each thigh, and he wailed at the first one louder than we have ever heard him wail. He full on screamed. It was very interesting as he is not a crying baby at this point. He does his share of whining, but he seems to take after our own personalitites and not do too much winging. That last one is for my brother in law and my sister LOVE YOU GUYS!

The doctor said that things are still doing well in terms of his growth (21") and his weight (9 pounds 14 ounces). He is growing so big! He is also doing well in terms of his strength. That tummy time is paying off.

He even rolled over for the first time at the doctors office today! He has been close before but every time he almost got there he would seem to get a bit scared and face plant to stop the unknown from happening.

The next step is to have our follow up echo exam and an EKG. The doctor feels that his resting heart rate is a tad high and so he wants an EKG done when we have the echo so he can be sure his heart is working properly and that things have developed according the grand design. God built it so you know it will be perfect in his eyes!

Other than that, not much going on round here. Julie is an awesome mother and I could not have asked for a better partner through this journey. Thank you Jules for all you do and have done!

I will leave you with some current photos of the little man.............enjoy and we will check back soon!

All quiet on the western front

He really loves that swing!
"Tummy time, is a special time, not just for baby boys, but for Mrs. Flynn too."
This is a good example of his typical cry or whine.

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  1. In the tummy time video, Mason is acting like I do every morning when the alarm goes off.

    He's looking great, and I'm glad all three of you are doing well.