Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

C-paks back....................alright?

That will, most likely, be the most corny title I ever type.

So today was a bit of a "setback" day. He is having more and more trouble every day breathing and the number of "episodes" he is having have increased exponentially.

I left work early and headed down to see him. Julie was already there.

He was sleeping on his belly and while I was there had no episodes. We spent some time with him and then took off. We were both pretty tired.

The good news is that his "murmur" is being heard less and less so that is a good sign. They will be doing more echocardiograms to see how things are going with that dreaded blood vessel.

A recent ultrasound revealed that the bleeding on his brain has not gotten any worse, but has not gotten any better, so that is a good sign too.

In all, he is keeping on keeping on, just like his Mom and Dad. While there are some negatives, the negatives are still not being met with any massive urgency from the doctors or the nurses so we will just keep praying and let them be what they are, little hurdles.

We hope everyone is well and have a few requests for prayers. Please be praying and sending good thoughts Crystal's way for her pregnancy, also be praying for Mandy "next door" to our little boy in the hospital, she got to take one of her twins home but the other is still there.

Thank you all. Hope all is well all the way around and I will leave you with a great photo of the new roof and siding on the incubation unit:

Sorry, but I can't figure out how to rotate this photo. Trust me he is not sleeping on his head or standing up ha ha.


  1. That's so sweet to mention me, Tom. My baby is still where he belongs so I'm happy enough with that!

  2. Love the new décor. Go Sehawks! Go Baby Flynn!

  3. Thank you for asking everyone to keep Crystal in their prayers. I am so happy things are going well in this moment with her. He's inside and growing!
    I know you guys are going to have ups and downs but it seems as if there is steady progress when you look at the big picture. Hang in there and make sure to get some rest!
    Love the new Sea Hawks cover!