Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Headed down in a few minutes

No major update so far today (like Lyle used to say, "no news is good news!")

I was thinking that I would provide some of my favorite photos so far so that you got some interesting views of the little man. No name so far, but we have a few we are starting to like.

Here are photos for you all. Thank you for your support everyone!

This is my favorite photo so far. I like the way it shows the conditions inside the incubator. The humidity is right around 80% in there and we wipe the condensation off the unit when we get there to get a clearer view of him. I like the way this photo conveys peace to me.

This is Mommy cuddling him while he sleeps. Her hands are so gentle that he doesn't even feel them while he dreams of having her hold him at our home. Beautiful thought and a wonderful photo.

This is me rubbing his back while he sleeps. I like the way he is sleeping as that is my sleeping pose as well. They tell us he likes being on his belly or on his left side to sleep. I like my belly or my right and Mommy likes her left side or her back. He has a little of both of us in there I guess ha ha.

I like this one because it was the first time Julie got to see him. When he came in the room he was covered by the blue blanket that you can see on the top of the incubation unit in the photo. The anticipation of having that removed was amazing and the sighs as soon as it was removed were audible by all in the room. A great moment.

I love the way this one looks. It is as if we are looking through a fog (which we are) down onto him. This was one of the first that we were able to get that was face on. The haze around him makes me think of a Hollywood movie.

This is Mommy and the Grandmothers (Grandma and Nana) on the first day Mom got to see him. I like this photo because it shows what the room he is located in looks like. It is dimly lit and the incubation units illuminate the room like Christmas lights.

I hope some of these photos give you a better idea of what is going on inside the incubator. I will check back tonight with updates and such. Prayers go out to you all from our family. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Please know that your prayers and thoughts are helping beyond what you can possibly believe.


  1. This blog is awesome! Thank you so much for putting up those wonderful pics of the little man! I read every post and can't wait to hear more good news even the poop news is GREAT! Wish we could be there to help out in anyway but we will send thoughts and prayers instead. I am so happy for you both to have that little miracle in your lives. Take care!

  2. I just love seeing each video and picture! It gives our family such hope for the future since he is doing so well! Sending lots of love and prayers your direction!