Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey Yo..........meet my buddy C-Pac

Matt will get that one for sure.

Today the incubator got a remodel job. There was new siding and a brand new roof. Photo here to show you the redesign;

So with this new blanket you might be wondering what gives. Could it be that the nurses are performing a disappearing act? Maybe they are considering sawing him in half? Or it could just be that they have decided to turn off the blue light because they believe that he has had enough phototherapy for now.

Choose option C and you are 100% for today's quiz.

If that wasn't enough, "The Good Guys" (another reference that Matt may be the only one that gets) decided to take off the C-Pack and blindfold (since the phototherapy is no longer in use) and so his face is free of obstruction for all to see!

So.................there he is. For all the world to see!

Now, what is his name blogosphere? Put your names in the comments section because we are having a tough time choosing one.

So that MUST be it for today right?


A photo is worth a thousand words...................

My first time holding him was about the most amazing thing ever. Thank you Lord for this baby!

There was no real talk of blood vessels or intestine swelling or anything "negative" today. It was a day saved for smiles and for love. 

Anyway, Julie and I are so happy today it is tough to put into words. Thank you all for all that you have done and continue to do. I will leave you with a final photo and say goodnight. See you all tomorrow.


  1. What joy! Praising Him with you today!

  2. Happy news from the University Medical Center...and from Qwest Field! Glad you got to hold him. See you soon.

  3. So happy to hear you had such a great day! Give the little guy a kiss for me! It's so nice to see his face. As for names here's our input:

    Kane and Caden both mean fighter and that he is!!

    Ethan and Brian mean strong

    And Kayden means strong willed

    We decided to try and find names that fit how hard he is fighting. But you guys will pick the perfect name for him! No one knows him better than you and Julie!

  4. I am sure you will pick a great name as well.

    My personal top boy names are:
    Aidan Gaelic: little fire (I know go figure).
    Darren Gaelic: 'little great one'
    Jonathan Hebrew: 'God's gift'


  5. See, it isn't just me with the "fighter" theme!!

    Dad and I both like Nathan, which means "God's gift."

    I don't care what you name him, he's amazing and so are you two!!!

  6. He is a gorgeous little guy! Oh, I'm so excited you're moving toward the "name game." How great to get to see is little baby-face.

    Slightly biased: I like the name Sean. That's my son's name (so of course I like it), and you are welcome to use it too. :-). To me it's a strong, humble, steady, sturdy fighter's name. I've always thought of my own son as a fighter, because he - like your little man - surpassed some pretty remarkable odds to make it into the world. There are probably other strong-n-steady names that I love, but right now I"m stuck on Sean. :-)

  7. Elias means The Lord is my God!(this is one of my sons names):)
    Gabriel means God Is My Strength...very fitting:), and he looks like a Nathan or maybe a Noah.
    Seth is also great:)

  8. Cousin Shannon recommended Conley, it's Gealic and means "valiant."
    Caleb saw the photo of the baby and said, "he looks like Anakin!" So, he wanted to get that recommend in there.

  9. For the record, I love the name Anakin. Julie, not so much ha ha.

    Thanks for the names everyone. We might end up putting a bunch in a hat and drawing one out.

  10. I've always liked Noah. It means rest or comfort. Too bad Joe doesn't like it or I'd use it for our baby!

  11. Hi! I know Michelle and Barb and have been praying for you guys and your little fighter. From my first prayer I felt like I was praying for a little "David." He was victorious facing a giant knowing that he had the backing of the Living God! I see that heart of David when I pray for your little guy.
    Whatever you choose to name him will be perfect!

  12. well whatever you name baby cleve i will always call him cleve but here are some other names:

    Bennet: little blessed one
    Carlin: little champion
    Killian: small and fierce

  13. I think that Roadblock or Rowdy Roddy Flynn would be good names. There's also Brett the Hitman Flynn, Terry Hulk Flynn, Hunter Hurst Helmsley Flynn, and my personal favorite, Rey Mysterio Flynn Jr.

  14. Please don't name your child Rowdy! we have a student this year with that name=bad!

    Like the the name Pierce Flynn
    it means rock.

    or Keegan- little fiery one

  15. Tony is still leaning towards Leonitus, I think it means bad-ass in Gaelic or any language for that matter. In all seriousness, you had mentioned Dakoda which you could shorten to Koda and both of us really like that. And even though Matt was joking Hunter is a solid name but if you're going to go that route you might as well call him Davey or Jade. There's our two cents.

    Colette and Tony

  16. I can not believe it but every single name I wanted to recommend today has been suggested!!! Amazing! I can't say Matt's were on my list though haha ;) I must say my fav is Kayden, because I think of my little Kayden that decided to arrive unannounced and very early as well! And he was a fighter just like your little man!!! And he is now 3 and you would never ever know he was born early!!! Healthy and tall as can be!!! Whatever name you two choose for your little mirAcle will be perfect!!!

  17. definitely keeping your little one in our thoughts and appreciate the updates. all the suggested names are great. here are a few more to add to the hat:

    declan: gaelic - full of goodness
    tobin: gaelic - God is good

  18. In all seriousness, Landon sounds like a good one.

    It means "name that Matt likes."

  19. Ok, more name suggestions from my FB friends:

    William (from Ruth Farley, means "determined")

  20. As you consider names, my friends, think less of what the name "means" and more of what your son will be able to do with it.

    This will be his name for life--what he will be called, what he will have to learn to print in school, what he will have to sign tens of thousands of times in his adult life, and what he will put on his business cards, marriage license, and lots of other documents. It will be the name that other kids tease him with, become friends with him with, and it will be the name that some girl practices signing over and over again while they are dating.

    It will be the name he uses as he makes choices about how he wants to live his life.

    It will also be the name that lots of people will have to read out loud (teachers, office workers, starters at The Masters, others who read names and have to say them out loud).

    The meaning of the name will be what he makes of it. Give him one he can enjoy, and one he doesn't have to correct people on several times a day for his entire life.

  21. Matt, you're genius! :) Couldn't have said it better! And I like the "Starters at the Masters"...you may be on to something! I agree! Also, I think nicknames and initials are important too!
    Tom and Julie, I hope Little Man Flynn is having a good day! Thinking about you guys!

  22. Next up on the #1 tee, from Snoqualmie Washington.............

    I like the sound of that. Now we just have to complete the sentence

  23. I agree with Matt, but don't forget you don't want the name able to rhyme with anything embarassing. SO here are my suggestions that haven't even ben suggested:
    Oh and barnibus;)

    Love you guys, talk to you soon.

  24. A few more of my favorites to throw out there...
    Conner....Oh ya Conner Flynn...sounds good!

    Ok I will not suggest anymore! :)

  25. Please don't name him Connor! We this talk at work (school) the other day...there is something about the name Connor....They are always the BAd kid!

    Love~ Nicole

  26. We are thinking of you all and hope Tom gets better soon! WE had the cold here too=( Ruby got it the worst, ended up with an ear infection.
    I had a few name ideas too:)
    Henry (Strong old fashioned type of name)
    Cameron Lee(Our Preemie that is now 9 ;) )

    Take Care