Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"That day"

Was today. After 4 straight days of very good progress and news, we got our first dose of reality.

The little guy has got a "Class 2 brain bleed" which means that his brain is bleeding. Everything I read says that typical class 2 bleeds mean that, while they are worse than class 1, he should see no long term ill effects.

The doctors didn't seem to worried about this so I am trying my best not to, but hearing that your son's brain is bleeding is not something that they have a manual to prepare you for. It was a hard day for his Dad.

The other issue is that he has been experiencing apnea. This is when your body just "forgets" to breathe. He typically snaps himself out of this and takes a breath, but sometimes the nurses need to remind him by flicking his feet or using their hands to stimulate him to wake up and breathe. They do not consider this too abnormal in babies like this either, so we are taking it with as many shrugs and smiles as we can.

In all, we kind of knew something like this was coming and we pray that this is the extent of the "bad news" that we get through this journey. Perhaps that "Honey moon phase" has come to an end. We hope not.

Get better buddy! Mom and Dad love you very much.

Thank you all for the prayers and kind words. Thanks Matt for correcting my spelling of poopy.

We love you all and will keep you posted!

Here's a photo to keep the trend going ha ha


  1. Keeping you guys in my prayers. The Little Man will pull through this. There's always a few setbacks but he is strong!!!
    By the way Tom, I think you did an excellent job changing his diapers!

  2. I'm praying too. Tom and Julie, you are doing awesome! Take time to rest up, too. We love you so much!!!

  3. Praying for you Tom, Julie and Baby.

  4. Oh cousin I just now heard. Congratulations on your new addition. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to call on us.

    Gary and Jodi and kids.

  5. Shannon, Amanda, Caylee, are praying for you guys! remeber that God only gives us challenges that he knows we can conquer with success. Changing diapers will seem to never end, and poop in the hand is only the beginning!

  6. Tom and Julie,
    My family and I are praying for your precious baby boy, and for you...for all of you. It's amazing the strength God gives us to do what we need and the gentleness with which He carries us when all strength is gone. I love to hear how you are looking to Him, trusting in Him, and praising Him. It is clear you know that He alone is the giver of life...and what a beautiful life He has created! What a testimony you are all building! I can't wait to meet your little baby boy in person one day. Please give your mom and hug for me.
    And thanks for letting us all in to your world. Your little one is already touching lives for Christ.
    Robin Frederick

  7. Tom, Julie, and the Little Guy:
    Hey congratulations on the birth of your son!! It took me a while to figure out how blogging works, but I think I got it now.
    Of the 3 of us, my sister Lani and brother Mark were both born way early, with Mark being a bit of a challenge. I don't remember much from those days, but I do remember the stress it put on my parents and grandparents at the time.
    I can only imagine what you all are going through, but its probably something like the greatest feeling in the world and the worst letdown ever all thrown in there together. I would love to be there and to spend some time with you all as you proceed through this. Everything I have read so far says your Little Guy is really tough and fights and scratches and claws. Its amazing how much fight all those Little Guys and Gals have, and its something I think all of society can learn from.

    I am thinking of all 3 of you since I found out and wish you all the best.
    Paul Elston