Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Scientific Day with Daddy

Tom had today off from work so we wanted to make the most of it.  The original forecast for today was RAIN....go figure!  The wind and rain that we had last night was crazy and caused us to have a visitor come snuggle with us pretty early on in the night : ) Luckily for all involved the said visitor stayed in his spot in the bed and none of us ended up on the couch.  His feet may have been by our faces but he did not move all night!  

Ok, ok enough about last night and on to the the fun we had today....With the thought that it was going to rain all day long we thought it was a great idea to go have some fun INSIDE at the science center.  Mason and I have been there a couple of times already but every time Tom has been working.  So today was his first time.  It was so fun to watch Mason showing his daddy around and telling him about all his favorite things to do. 

 "drying" his hair
 He could spend all day at the ball wall...
 Safe to say it is time for hair cut #2

 Need this mirror in my house!!!! Instant weight loss : )
 After we had been inside for a little while, Mason was dying to go outside and play with the water!
Yup look at all the RAIN we had today ; ) not a single drop and beautiful sunshine instead!

 Then it was time to head inside and blast off into space...

 Music time...
 Water table fun...
 I know it is blurry but this is a HUGE step for Mason......he thinks hand dryers are "loud" and we normally don't dry our hands with them because he gets so scared and bothered by the noise.  Today he walked right up to it and started to use it!!!!! Not holding my breath that it will last though.
Last stop was the butterfly garden.....Look at that TONGUE!!!!!

All in all we had a great day and can not wait to go back again very very soon!  Next time we will hopefully catch an I Max movie and the planetarium show!!!

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