Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Personal Shopper

It is no surprise that Mason and I do just about EVERYTHING together.  This includes our weekly trip to the grocery store.  Mason is a great helper and there are only a FEW times each trip that I have to say no to something he is asking for.  We have started to go after gymnastics each week because we are already halfway there : )   As Mason has grown, these trips have become more and more fun.  
One thing that helps with the fun are these carts.....now I have to say that it is like driving a mini van around the store and if you know me I don't care for large cars!  They are hard to turn and pass people but it sure makes one little boy all excited!

 We always stop by the live seafood tank to see what is there....sometimes crabs sometimes lobsters....
 This day it was lobsters and we counted them and there were TWO!
 Mason is always wanting to get out of the cart and get the items we need.  Helpful but hard on me to get him in and out and still get all the things we need and not spend HOURS in the store.  I did not take pictures of every in and out so you will just have to imagine in and out about 20 times : )
 On this trip I let him help with the produce.  Here he is getting the mushrooms...

And there is how we roll in the grocery store for any of you that ever wondered!

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