Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Day Friday

As promised with weekend is full of fun.  This morning we enjoyed the sun and warmer temps and played outside.  (Mommy even cleaned her car!!!!)

 Mason helped me vacuum....which is a big deal since he still thinks it is LOUD!

 Then Parker came home and played some hoops with Mason.
That was until I got the hose out and Mason wanted to play with the water.
After the car was clean, we headed in for a bath and a nap before Tate's birthday party......and what a party it was!

 Parker, Jackson and Mason
 They had kid balls that were only 4# and they had 5 finger holes.
 Mason did really well and had a blast.  He bowled the WHOLE time we were there.
 Parker and Mason as Best Buds...

 He sat long enough to drink some water and take one bite of pizza.  Then he was back out bowling.
 He then found the ball shooter thing and used that for a bit. 
 Once the party was over we walked across the street to the trains.....

And ended the night all smiles driving the trains.

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