Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Party Time!

Today we got to go celebrate Nathan's 3rd Birthday!  Mason loves playing with Nathan and was really excited to get to go play at a whole new place today : ) It was an indoor play place (smart planning since it was raining!) that had lots of fun stuff to do....

 Of course Mason found the ball guns right off the bat

 I made him go climb up the climbing structure....you would have thought it was the end of the world
 But we did explore two of the three levels!
 Light up dance floor
 Large balls in a room
 Mason and Nathan going down the slide
 A crab that you could make the pinchers move on
 From the side...
 It was nice that adults were able to go with their child.  It made Mason have more fun and not get stuck where he could not figure out his way...or get lost in the maze of rooms. 
 And then back to the ball room!
 Time to eat....that baby watching Mason's every move is Evan
 Nathan blowing out his candles.  It was a super hero's party and Nathan dressed as Super Why.  Mason did not want to dress up....I think give it a year and we will not be able to get the cape off of him!!!
 Yum Yum!

 Mason insisted on sitting next to Nathan for cupcakes : )
 Some of the kiddos and the play-structure in the background
 Before we left we made one more trip to the ball room.....
 This time Nathan came as well....

And even a Daddy joined in!!!

Thanks again Day Family for letting us come and celebrate Nathan turning THREE!!!!! We had lots and lots of fun!

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