Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Super Bowl of Fun

Sorry for being MIA these last few days, but there has been lots of fun being had!  First, Tom went out of town to visit/watch the Super Bowl with his buddy Brandon.  This left me holding down the home front by myself.  Mason and I had a blast but boy are we glad Daddy is home!!!  He was truely missed : )

Every night Mason slept in bed with me so I am ready for a good nights rest that does not involve feet in my back or ribs! 

We kept busy with our normal routine and also added in a few extras.  

It was fun to look for 12's all over the city!  This one was at the airport.
This was Sunday after church.  He had a Seahawks colored outfit but 
insisted on wearing his "Brutus" hat : )
We got invited to a Super bowl party....where at least he wore his Seahawks hat!
These boys were awesome!  They played with Mason and were so kind.After Lynch scored his touchdown we had skittle "shots".  My phone died after this so no other pictures from the party, but we had a great time.  There were lots of kids to play with for Mason and Mommy was able to have some adult time!

On Monday we celebrated with this....
This was our after victory treat : )

Then finally today we thought we would brave the crowds and meet our buddy Matt downtown to watch the celebration parade.  Well after all the trains were full and waiting over an hour for the light rail, we threw in the towel.  

They reported that close to a million people were downtown for the event!!!
See the line? (across the skybridge)
After being up before the sun, Mason fell asleep on the way home and as neat as it would have been to be there.....we had fun playing in the tub until it was time to pick up Daddy!
 They aired it on T.V. so we ended up with the best warm seat in the house and Mason could play!  Some things don't always go as planned but in the end we still got to be apart of the celebration!

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