Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Fire boosters!

He has been doing great lately. He has had no issues in the breathing department and has been feeding very well.

The next "test" that he will undergo is the dreaded car seat test..........dun dun dun

The car seat test is exactly as it sounds. He has to sit in a car seat for an hour and a half with no issues breathing at all. The reason for this is that car seats position the baby at very different angles than he is used to.

He takes this test tonight at some stage and we will know the results tomorrow.

Please be praying that he gets through this as we are chomping at the bit to get him home ha ha.


  1. So is Friday the day if all goes well? Maybe Crystal will have her little guy that day, wouldn't that give us reason for a double party! I'm so thankful that your little guy is doing so well and is almost home with you both! What a wonderful new year you are going to have. Can't wait to see the two boys running around the playground in a couple of years! Keeping my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers!

  2. Annette,

    Thanks so much! We are keeping Crystal on our minds and in our hearts and prayers. What a cool day this may turn out to be.