Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, December 6, 2010


Today was another very interesting day. I have found a good portion of this situation very interesting and almost astonishing.

While the level of stress this has created is unbelievable, some very cool stuff has come from it. We have met some wonderful people who give and give and give from their hearts. We have met other parents of NICU children who are so willing to support and give freely of their time and emotions. We have been able to see marvels of modern medicine in action. We have seen the hand of the Lord at almost every turn.

We have talked about how different it is to actually see the last 3 months of a child's development that should be happening in the womb. It is amazing to see how a created being is supposed to develop. It is almost as if there is a window into the womb and we have a front row seat for the show.

While we would both rather have had a "normal" experience, there are some things that we feel blessed to have experienced.

With that, we had our first physical therapy appointment today. This was an appointment where the physical therapist came in and ran him through a series of tests to check muscle development, reflexes, and overall development of his body.

He did great.........his head is a tad misshapen from laying on one side for so long, but other than that, his legs pretty much checked out, his neck muscles checked out, his upper body and arms were all good, and his hands and fingers were fantastic.

In all, it was a good appointment.

Then he decided to "crap out" again and so we once again hit the "reset" button on the going home process.

I feel like I am playing Madden 96 on PS2 and threw a pick the first play of the game and figured that the reset button was a better idea than playing the game out.

So there it is...........the day was good and semi-good all in the same 2 hour span.

Julie and I then went home and we painted a dresser for the little man. We sure had a blast together and hope the little man likes the colors.

We hope all is well with all of your families and we can't wait till he gets home and we can start building this family. Julie is most looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night to feed or cuddle him..........though she knows she will grow out of that QUICKLY.

I am most looking forward to his first Masters title and getting to see a green jacket up close.

A Dad can dream, right?

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