Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Slight delay in the countdown.

Remember a short while back when he decided to practically die in my arms? ( I say that because that is the term the nurses use when a baby's heart rate falls below a certain rate and his bloods oxygenation falls below a certain percentage) Well it happened again.

We were just chillin he and I when he took a big gasp of air and proceeded to stop breathing. This time I knew exactly what to do and so it was not as scary as the previous episode, but it was still a bit perplexing. I held him afterward and he fed afterward and so things are alright, but this sets us back a touch.

We all know what it takes to go home, but in terms of the breathing stuff, he has to have no single episodes for a period of 5 days. To this point, the longest he has gone is a couple days so we will see how this plays out for him.

I can report some wonderful news and a real answer to prayer, though!

His latest cranial ultrasound brought back "resolved" results. This means that both sides of his brain have stopped bleeding completely!

Great news!

So, while the launch is delayed, there are some good things happening.

We want to leave you with a few photos to close this post out. Hope all is well with everyone and we will talk to you soon!

Home for the last 2+ months.

I love the photos where he has his hand around his face as if he is just saying "Uggghhh. Can we stop this whole photo thing yet?"

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