Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Up All Night...............

But unlike Slaughter, we do not sleep all day.

I figured that I would drop a quick note to say that everything is doing well. Mason is feeding well and sleeping well and everything seems to be all systems go.

He is going in for his circumcision today so things could take a change DRAMATICALLY after they snip away at his naughty bits. Poor little man!

I will probably not include photos of that as I am sure that it might affect me like the eye exam did.........my kingdom for a "mind wipe" of that moment, still.

For those that are tracking, he has taken favorably to Fletch so that sets my mind at ease. Perhaps great taste is inhereted?

I will keep you posted on that one ha ha.


  1. We knew the little man would be a Fletch fan. Sugar, Mr. Poon? Enjoy it, Mason. You have years ahead of watching that film with your dad and me.

  2. I will bet he can't wait Matt. I know I can't. Who is it Mr. Sinlinlin?