Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, December 24, 2010

Naughty Bits?

Did I really say naughty bits last post? I think I did.

Moving on...................little man had his circumcision today. The doctor was very nice and gave us the "its really only cosmetic so we want you to know that" speech prior to wheeling him away.

We finally heard him cry for the first time. This was a true on WAIL!

The funny thing is that getting the snipping was not what caused him such consternation, it was being strapped to the board to even have the procedure done. Good thing he won't remember this as it is probably not something anyone wants to recall at will.

So, just when we thought all was well, he began bleeding a bunch more than expected.

Circumcisions are about a 20 minute procedure and ours took just under 3 hours.

After the procedure was completed, they wheeled him into our room and told us to wait and they would see how things were looking before they sent us home. The nurse came in, pulled back the diaper and pretty much gave the same diagnosis that Julie got day 1 of this whole ordeal.

"This amount of bleeding is not uncommon, but I want the doctor to take a look at it before I discharge you."

I am officially sick and over that political response.

What was actually said was "I have never seen something like this and have no idea what to really say, but I can't say anything that might get you angry or scared because I don't want you yelling at me so I will pass this off as normal until the doctor looks at is while you are nowhere near us. That way, we can wonder to ourselves what happened and not send you into a panic."

We took it like champs, and sat there patiently as the doctor stitched his package back together to keep the bleeding to a minimum.

When they came back they insisted on showing us what they had done and prefaced EVERY sentence by saying "This will not look like this forever."

I am not sure which was worse, the eye exam or the reveal of this procedure...............probably the eye exam, but this was sure gross looking as well.

From there we headed home and got him some much needed rest and relaxation. He carries on as if nothing has happened even if his Dad keeps grabbing at his crotch as if there is pain occurring for him.

We will check back come Christmas day and should have some great photos. His first Christmas experience should be a great one.


  1. Agh! Poor Mason. I hope it heals up well. :(

  2. Crystal..........

    Never you mind his healing, when are you having that baby? We were all pulling for a 1/1/11 baby. Were we right?

  3. Nope. I'm betting I'll go to my induction date. He's a stinker! Late like his daddy always is.