Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just figured we better recognize

The significance of the day.

Today is December 17th. 91 days after he is born and 3 months, to the day, after God decided he wanted this baby in the world.

Quite a journey looking back on it all.

We do not look at this as a completed task or a final chapter, this is just the close of the prologue of the book of this baby's life.

Chapter 1 begins tomorrow. Though updates might be fewer or contain less exciting news, were not going anywhere. He might not be "Truman" but this is his show and we feel blessed to be viewers.

Stay tuned..............


  1. Ok, I'm so glad he is home (can we call him by name yet?). But, I would like to enter my request for a nanny-cam with a live feed direct to my computer. I need to see what he is doing at all times!!!! I don't want to miss anything!!

  2. Nanny cam............we didn't even think of that. Now THAT would be fairly Trumanish.