Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back to normal

I got to see him today!!!!!

Julie and I went down and spent some time with him this afternoon. Julie got to hold him for about an hour or more and I got to change his diaper and hang out. It was great!

The news was good too as he is doing well. So well that they have stepped up his feeding to 4ccs of breast milk fortified at a 1:1 ratio (up from 3.5 ccs and a 1:2 ratio) today. If he takes it well and that feeding level does not affect him they will remove the picc line that is located in his leg.

The picc line is used to administer nutrition and draw fluids or blood if need be. To this point, they have used it for nutrition almost exclusively and if he is getting his nutrition through the breast milk mixture, there will be no need for that anymore. Having the chance to remove a "cord" is a cool idea since he seems to be hooked up to so many.

Other than that, there is not a while lot of news to report.

There is a new "neighbor" that checked in today for a heart surgery (the valve we have talked about before has not closed in their baby). The couple was very nice and as we were talking, it turns out, that they had about the same experience that we did. A surprise delivery 3 months early, birth weight under 2 pounds, the whole thing. They were reserved in their optimism seeing as they were transferred from one hospital to the U due to the U having such great surgeons to perform the operation.

Long story short, keep them in your minds and prayers. They are about to go through a part of this process that, while deemed "normal" by the doctors and every book I am reading, is very scary I am sure. To know that your child, who is smaller than you can imagine, is about to be cut open and their heart exposed has to be scary.

It sure makes me wonder where this roller coaster is headed. So far it has been great. I sure am grateful and thankful for this miracle baby boy.

I love you buddy!


  1. I'm glad things are going well today. Glad you are feeling better, too, Tom.

  2. So happy to hear good news! Glad you're over the cold and can be with your little guy again! Love to all of you!