Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, October 8, 2010

A day of many

Today was a strange one.

I went down early and was met with a few different things. First, the doctors let me know that they like the way things are working with his sore in his leg. They are saying that it should be no big deal, but they are going to aggressively pump antibiotics into him for about a week or so.

They did take a real close look at the cut that is above his left ear. This abrasion was there on day 1 of his life and has just never healed completely. They figure the reason it has not healed is due to the C-pap being placed right on it. Since they have to attach the C-pap to him, they use an adhesive, it is this adhesive that they believe is not allowing scabbing to happen completely in that area.

They are not sure they can do a whole lot with this since he has to have the C-pap on and they have to attach it. They are going to use gauze to try to cushion the area more and see where it goes. They are not too concerned here either so we are trying not to be as well.

Last, but not least, the medical team is changing. At the U they have residency that works with the schooling they are taking so it is time for a change in the team. On Tuesday we will get a whole new staff of doctors to meet and take care of our little man.

The nurses will stay the same and things will be easy to pick up and follow for the new team so it is no big deal.

In all, today was one "issue" after another, but the doctors say not to worry about it, so there we are!

Hope everyone is doing well and I will check back again tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, kudos to you both for keeping your relative cool and optimism through all this! You are an inspiration. I imagine it must be a bit of a burden to have your whole team of doctors changed on you. Hopefully this new team will jump right on board and you'll get comfortable with each other quickly (I guess you'll have to, huh!).