Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday time!!!!!!!!!

It's little man's one month birthday today!

In honor of his one month birthday, I worked and Julie went down and hung out with him. She got to hold him and cuddle him. I am so jealous of her during those times. I would give anything to trade her places, but that is not quite how God designed it now is it?

So after work we headed down and hung out with him. He did very well!

It was, again, evident that he loves that ol C-pap as he had more incidents today than normal. They had him off it for about 11 hours, which is good.

He looked great and I got a couple wonderful photos of him;

His eyes were open a good amount of time today! He has the greatest look when his eyes are open.

So the day was a good one!

The day before, not so much......................

Nothing bad on his end, but I had a very tough day. My Sister and her family left to move to Australia today. Needless to say, it was a difficult thing saying good bye to them. Being Uncle Tom is one of the greatest things I have ever been in my life. Having that label is better than any I have ever had before. They are going to do great Down Under and the kids are going to turn into awesome men and women. "Good on ya Richard, Michelle, Caleb, Tommy, Ellie, and Joey!

Lucky for us, they took a few hours out of their trip to visit and I got a couple photos of Auntie Michelle and Uncle Richard checking out the baby boy;

I am so happy to have this photo. My sister getting a chance to touch my son is something that I never thought would happen. 

In all, it was a very good weekend for the little man, but a tough weekend for me.

I will check back again tomorrow with an update on the little man. For now, we are going to go to bed and catch up on some z's. God Bless!


  1. Happy Birthday Little Man! I can't believe how quickly the month passed by. He looks great and what wonderful pictures Tom! Did he get a name for his birthday??

  2. We are real close Annette. Real close...........stay tuned!

  3. I can hardly believe it has been a month already! Wow. Keep pressing on little man! :)

  4. Thanks Heather. He is pressing on with gusto. The same can not be said for his Mom and Dad who are tired and/or sick ha ha.