Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, October 15, 2010

Emotions aplenty

What a day!

He is doing very well. He gained some weight and was looking great. All the tests that have come back have shown nothing glaring so that is a real load off.

We had a great day with him today and had a couple great friends down to see him. Brandon and Eva were able to come down to the hospital and see him.
Brandon was "fortunate" enough to be on the other end of the line when I was rushing Julie to the hospital so he saw the little guy very shortly after he was born. Seeing him this time gave us some perspective since he was so small then and has really come a long way.

After Brandon and Eva took off, Julie and I went to a car seat for premies class and we both rocked the house. Once Julie figured out how to use the "foot" of the base of the car seat, we got our 4 pound doll that simulates our baby into the seat and we were off and running, figuratively, of course.

When we returned to his side, my Mom and Dad were there and so he got to spend about an hour with Nana and Papa.

They are in town visiting as well as my Sister and Brother in law and their 4 children. I think I told you all that they are leaving for Australia, permanently, on Sunday so this is it for a while in terms of seeing them. Having them gone will be difficult. I can't even describe how I am going to feel tomorrow as I spend my last day with them for a while.

My Sister is a wonderful woman and I love her so much and appreciate her friendship more than she will ever know. Her husband is a star of a human being and is lucky I was cool enough to introduce the two.........that is a story for another blog ha ha. Their children..........well, being Uncle Tom has been one of the 3 greatest things I have ever had the pleasure of doing in my life. They are so full of life and such awesome kids.........but I am babbling and starting to cry so that is that.

I will, most likely, not write tomorrow since the day should run very long and will, no doubt, be full of emotion so if I don't update, do not be alarmed. I will be back the next day.

Have a great night and lets all pray for my Sister and her family. I love you so much Tucus!


  1. Beautifully expressed. I could not agree more! They are a delightful bunch. :) I will be praying for them along with you...and continuing to pray for your family.