Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick again

This just in, increased stress leads to a breakdown of the human immune system. The little man is doing great, but his old man is sick again.

I woke with a sore throat, tried to work through it, thinking that nothing was all that wrong, and now I am laid up and sick as a dog. People are not able to see him with any symptoms of a cold and so I am on the outside looking in again.

Julie went to see him and said he is doing well and that things are good again today. I will update tomorrow as I am headed to bed tonight early to try to fight this thing off.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Hang in there Tom, there's a lot of crud going around right now. Hope Julie misses it!

  2. Feel better soon, buddy. I'm glad Julie is getting to spend some time with him. Let us know if you need/want anything.

  3. Tom, we need to get you on some good vitamins!!!! Stress will defintely get you everytime! :( Dr Jessi orders....get some vitamin C and drink a glass of OJ every single day! Hope you feel better! Baby Boy is getting cuter by the day! Hope Mama is hanging in there as well! Let me know if you guys need anything!

  4. Thank you guys. I am feeling better tonight, and will see how tomorrow goes.

    I love OJ so a glass of that a day is no problem for me Jessi.

    Matt I will call you soon!