Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Big Suprise

After breakfast Tom and I headed down to see our new baby.  Boy were we surprised when we walked in and saw this........

Yup no c-pac and no nasal cannula!  He was doing so well they took him off the c-pac and he needed no other support!!!!  He is also very interested in his pacifier : )  

It gets even better!  Once the nurse was done updating us I got to do this.......
Yup that is hair on his head!!!!!!!
He snuggled right in and we enjoyed our first skin to skin snuggles.  We spent an hour together and even got to be apart of the doctor's rounds.   
Here are the highlights:

Can start having breastmilk and iv nutrition (more then just the current sugar water)

Waiting for the 48 hour cultures to come back regarding possible infection due to my water breaking so many days ago. Then if negative they will discontinue the current antibiotics or keep him on them for 7-10 days if positive.

Waiting for him to have a bowel movement. 

That's about it pretty much just normal care.

Thought this was pretty neat......
His name tag

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