Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feeding Time?

We went down for some cuddle time this morning and ended up doing this!

First we did a little "breastfeeding" where he was a pro and latched and sucked  on his first try!  He would latch and then go to sleep but that is ok and really expected.  We will work on that but he is amazing and such a rock star to already be attempting to breastfeed.   
The above picture is his first official feeding!  We filled 3 cc of breastmilk into the bottle and let him do his thing!  He drank it like he had done it many times before.  He sucked, swallowed and breathed very well the whole maybe 2 minutes it took him to drink it : )  As I put him back up on me to do more skin to skin he even let out a great burp!  Have I mentioned how amazing he is!!!!!  Then a few minutes after being settled he picked his head up and moved himself back onto my breast!
Love it♡♡♡♡

Here is a little sneak peek into his room.....
His board that they change each day!
Each room is individual so this is the view from the doorway.  Later today I will get a full 360 of the room to share.

I am feeling a little less sore today but still on pain killers to keep the pain more manageable.  Tomorrow I will most likely be discharged and finally be home after 14 days of being in the hospital!  My own bed is defiantly calling my name!!!!!

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