Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advent Day Eighteen

Well today started off with an early morning visitor to our bed and extra cuddles in the morning. 

We then had a lunch date with some dear friends.......

Which included some Christmas presents being exchanged. ...
Once we has lunch we planned to take a few more maternity photos.  Well that did happen but lets just say it did include my water breaking.....

So 4 years ago today we brought one miracle home from the hospital and now I am laying in a hosiptal bed trying to keep baby #2 in!

Checking in to labor and delivery. 
We are being admitted .....
So now I lay in bed trying to keep my fluid level up as much as possible to keep this baby in.
I have had the first of two steroid shots (for lung development for our little boy) and a few others meds for me to try to stall things as long as possible.  The goal very short term is 24 hours for the steroids but really they are hoping to have me stay with baby baking for at least 10 day!  I will keep everyone posted.  

Nana and Papa will be here soon to care for Mason tonight and Granny and Pa are on an early flight out in the morning.  We are just taking this ride one hour at a time!..

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