Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Park Day

Here are a few photos I received today....

I am so thankful that the weather was dry enough to go play outside!   Sure looks like they had a blast : )

Baby update:  Today was another holding day.  Nothing changed except that #2 is another day older!  He is still very active and anytime he is on the monitor his heartbeat indicates that he is very very happy!

As for me, I would be lying if I said today was my best day.  My morning started with my iv going bad....no big deal except it left my hand like this for most of the day...
Which then ment I had to get a new iv.....
And since I have been here 4 days I had to get new blood work drawn.
If you know me at all needles and me are not best friends.  I handled it well but all of it added to a bit of a meltdown.  Don't get me wrong I am willing to do anything to keep this little guy inside but I am just missing being at home and enjoying the preparation for Christmas.

Tom lifted my spirits with a visit and bringing me lunch that WAS NOT hospital food!  My parents also came by to spend a little bit of time and help me shower.  They also brought a cinnamon roll that definitely hit the sweet tooth!

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to check the fluid level and see how the baby is measuring.  I am hoping that it will revel a bit more of a game plan and not just you are here "until the baby comes".  As always thank you to everyone who has sent kind words, encouragement and prayers our way.  They are all felt and do help us all stay as positive as possible.

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