Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, December 8, 2014

Advent Day Nine

Today we decided to start our cookie making. We started off with one of our favorites.....SPRITZ!   I love to make them because it is my grandma's recipe and I use a cookie press she gave me.  I miss her a lot, but when I makes these cookies I always feel like she is in the kitchen with me. 
Mason and I do a lot of baking together and he is a really great measurer, sifter,  egg cracker and best of all taste tester! 

Today he had a PERFECT crack!!! No shell no mess! He was so proud of himself!
I did the pressing .....Mason did the rest...

And then he just ate all the different sprinkles!

He also may or may no have taste tested a FEW cookies as well : )
 Thanks to me, we had to stop with just those because I got the mixing bowl stuck and had to wait for Tom to get home to help me get it apart!  Good thing I love to bake : )  we have lots more cookies to make!

This afternoon I asked Mason to bring me a cookie and this is what I got......
Sure glad he made sure it was a good one before he gave it to me!

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