Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Birth Story

Before I begin I just want to disclose that there maybe a few very gross moments so be warned!

On Sunday December 28th 2014 my day started like it had the last 9 days of being in the hospital.  Tom had spent the night (cause he was off of work) so we had breakfast together and then he headed home to be with Mason.
I took a shower, was feeling great and was relaxing in the recliner.  At 2 pm I started to have some contractions.  I called the nurse, went back on the monitor and laid in bed.  At this point I called Tom to let him know what was going on.  A few minutes later he was on his way.
The doctor was called as my contractions were getting stronger and were very steadily 2 to 4 minutes apart.  At this point they still were trying to stop my labor.  I had another dose of meds and a shot to try to relax my uterus.   Well needless to say neither worked. 
It was now about 3:00 and I was really in full labor and getting very uncomfortable.  While waiting for them to say it was go time Tom was in front of me rubbing and letting me kill his hands and my mom was rubbing my back.  Like with Mason, I was having a good amount of back labor.  By go time they were really only in the front.  I was put on oxygen as I was de-stating as well. 
By about 5:00 it was time to go.  They got me all prepped and were just waiting for the OR to be open.  As soon as it was it really was go time!  Once we got in there, the pain was completely unbearable.   The Anesthesiologist had to try a few times to get the epidural because of the pain I was in. 
This was the turning point.  My OB came in and started.  As she did my placenta ruptured and the room got a bit crazy.......On top of that our baby was stuck in the birth canal!  The house OB was then pushing him back up and my OB was literally up on the table pulling him out.   At this point the pole holding up the screen came falling down.....it was truely very intense and a bit chaotic.  Once he was out he needed some help breathing but very shortly thereafter started crying ♡♡♡♡ 

There he is crying and getting all cleaned up!
He is just perfect!  Here are his birth stats:
Born 12-28-14 at 5:55pm
4 lbs 11 oz
18" long

Here I am as they are fixing me all up.  Best part I could watch our little boy at the same time!  They worked for a long time getting all of the placenta out and putting me back together!  Once that was done they then took the cerglage out.  Again a very big task.....with all the pressure, contractions and our little guy getting stuck the back side of my cervix  had torn.  It took a very long time to get it all back together.
Needless to say this delivery ended even more dramatic then Mason's. The whole time we could feel Gods' hands holding us in his care and knew that we were going to be ok.  After all was fixed up I headed back to my room to recover.  Tom was able to take Mason, Granny and Pa down to see the newest member of our family.  Mason came back up pretty excited about his baby brother : )

As of now I am recovering well and am just a bit sore.  I have already started to successfully pump some milk and even get in a wheelchair and deliver it myself to the NICU!!!  We will be heading down in a bit to be apart of the rounds report.  And then we will be able to pass along all the details of our little guy.  Last night the nurse also said we may even be able to hold him today as well.  Don't worry we will be reveling his name very very soon!

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