Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

My day started off with great news that I was off all my iv meds and could get my iv removed!  Even though I am not getting meds all the time it is nice to not have anything attached! This evening, after they went to church, Granny and Pa made a feast to go so we could all enjoy dinner together.
Since my room does not have much room the nurses allowed us to eat in the edicational center!
It was an awesome meal of crab legs and shrimp with all the sides!  An added bonus was I got to get out of the room for a bit : )
Once we were finished we headed back up to open our one present.....
Mason's new jammies!
Snuggles with Granny
Snuggles with Mommy
May not be the traditional tree family shot but this will be a Christmas we always remember!
 Hanging his stocking for Santa
Once Tom took Mason home to bed the ELVES got busy!
 Our special Christmas delivered from Santa to the hospital just for us!
  Check back tomorrow to see what else Santa has done.
As for now time for rest.....

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